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Incubator for innovative products and ideas

Nupharo strives to work with those innovators, who have a product or idea with the right potential. The mission of the Nupharo Incubator is to help these innovators to develop their ideas further and drive them to become success stories.

We support extraordinary entrepreneurs who have the ability to transfer innovative technologies into viable commercial products. We provide funding, facilities and know-how.

Make it a success story

The mission of the Nupharo Incubator is to further help develop ideas and drive them to become success stories. We can provide funding, commercial development, facilities and an international network of like-minded professionals and institutions.

The Incubator focus

Nupharo promotes innovative ideas, products and companies in the phase between prototype and mass deployment.

Key principles of the admission process


Our application form includes these aspects:

  • Company info and structure
  • Field of innovation
  • Innovation description
  • Why the company should be enrolled
  • Financial situation
  • Patents
  • Reccommendations
Decision criteria
  • Fits into smart energy concept/DC
  • Compliant with announced topics/or largely attractive
  • Suitably developed
  • Attractive and trustworthy financial outlook
  • Facilitated by the Advisory Board:
  • Application review
  • Shorlisting
  • Interviews/evaluation
  • Final admission recommendation
  • Confirmed by NPH BoD
  • Basic investment commitment
Program enrollement
  • Facilitated by NPS staff:
  • Enrollment contract
  • Equity structure
  • Financial conditions
  • KPIs
  • Timeline
  • Milestones
  • Office space / production halls allocation
  • If requested, can be tailored to client needs

Admission process


Preparation of Documents

Initial phase of communication, forms completion and legal and administrative documents exchange.

Submission of applications

Completion of submissions from all participants which want to became members of Nupharo Incubator.


Consideration of Applications

Applications which have been completed correctly are sent to members of the advisory committee 4 times a year for consideration.

Receiving the status of participant

After the application has been approved by the advisory committee, the company is entered in the register incubated companies (projects).


Benefits to Participants

The incubated companies will be able to use all the benefits offered by the unique DC focused cluster and also gain access to the infrastructure of Nupharo Incubator.

How to achieve Success

A wide range of businesses

The Nupharo Business Incubator strives to attract a wide range of businesses, including independent innovators, small- and medium-sized enterprises, spin-off departments of large companies, and universities and other academic institutions.

A wide range of benefits

The incubated companies can benefit from a better access to know-how, private investment resources, and many other services that can help in the commercialization of smart ideas.

7-10 start-ups every year

Nupharo will choose around 7-10 start-ups every year for later stage development.

Successful exit

We can support new businesses for 3 years. Companies can exit the program by successfully attracting strategic investors or by becoming independent businesses in their own right.


Hannas Masters s.r.o.

International transportation services. Company vehicles are equipped with modern technologies - the FleetBoard system, which evaluates the effectiveness and quality of the driver's driving style.

Armax s.r.o.

A Czech company, which provides CNC machining, grinding and armature production. The company has its own design platform SolidWorks and SolidCAM. Experts in the field of construction, armature production, heat treatment, material engineering, stress–strength analysis and machining of quenched materials.

van Eupen Repair Czech s.r.o

A German electronics repairs and revision company

Firms which collaborate with Nupharo and utilize services connected to Nupharo Incubator and technology transfer

OpenStrom KG

An Austrian company which develops an open hardware smart meter that can measure and control electricity consumption.

everyware S.r.l.

An Italian company which brings innovative solution for real time indoor positioning and navigation of assets and people.

Smartly Solutions GmbH

A German company which develops standard solutions for smart manufacturing in compliance with Industry 4.0.

Neembe Sp. z o.o.

A Polish company which develos Smart home products and technologies.

We provide funding, facilities and know how.
We turn ideas into viable businesses.

Strategic Partner