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Local Community

We cooperate in forging links between local inhabitants, authorities, associations and groups in order to help create a strong and creative local community that would together promote the strategic objectives of development of the region and of infrastructure in vicinity of the Nupharo technology campus.

We see the unity of the local community, its ideas and upcoming projects as key elements in promoting strategic and sustainable solutions in the region.

We regularly organize community meetings with the inhabitants and are in the process of preparing a program for the support of local employment and education, as well as the promotion of the local consumption and services. One of the tools is the Nupharo Endowment Fund (Nadační fond Nupharo), founded in 2012–2013 as a joint project of local inhabitants of Knínice and Žďárek villages, together with the representatives of the administrative township of Libouchec. This unique community project is driven, in equal measure, by representatives of the municipality of Libouchec, local residents and representatives of the Nupharo project. Members of the statutory body of the Nupharo Endowment Fund have equal decision-making powers in voting, elections and selecting or funding projects.

Local community
  • organization of regular community meetings
  • support of activities of the local community
  • support of cultural and social activities
  • educational events and workshops
Nupharo Endowment Fund
  • support of the local infrastructure
  • preparation for the implementation of priority projects
  • seeking and obtaining funding
  • grant consultations and processing
  • public awareness and education about innovation
  • support of the region and tourism
  • cooperation with partner organizations
Public administration
  • declaration of intensive cooperation with Libouchec
  • conceptual cooperation with LAG Labské Skály
  • openness and cooperation with public administration of the Ústecký region
  • cooperation with representatives of neighboring municipalities in the regio
  • interconnecting with German partners
Local economy
  • utilizing and recommending local services
  • supporting local consumption
  • creating a special program for the employment of local residents
  • openness of the project and services provided to citizens, businesses and public officials

Local Action Group

Local action group (LAG) Labské Skály is a local partnership of active locals, who want to do something for the neighborhood, municipality or settlement, where they live or work

The area of the LAG is defined by the administrative areas of the individual municipalities or microregions that are part of the group. The abbreviation LAG, standing for Local Action Group, was chosen to show its objective at a first glance.

LAG Labské Skály was founded in October 2005 as a civic association (and transformed to an association on January 1, 2014). Its main objective is to bring together active people, municipalities, entrepreneurs, organizations and associations in order to jointly develop our rural area. The membership of the LAG keeps growing: in May 2014, it had 57 members, of which 24 were municipalities (1 of which, Dobrná, is our partner); the other members are entrepreneurs, members of NGOs and active citizens.


The LAG operates in 25 municipalities (towns): Dobkovice, Jílové, Libouchec, Malšovice, Petrovice, Povrly, Ryjice, Tisá, Velké Chvojno, Chuderov, Velké Březno, Homole u Panny, Zubrnice, Malečov, Těchlovice, Merboltice, Verneřice, Starý Šachov, Františkov nad Ploučnicí, Benešov nad Ploučnicí,Heřmanov, Malá Veleň, Dobrná, Markvartice and Horní Habartice. 

Strategic Partner