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Perfect location

Nupharo is strategically located between the Czech Republic, Poland and Germany.

Its location is very convenient as it lies on the D8 Highway, close to the Žďárek village within the Ústecký region of the Czech Republic.

A convenient and easily accessible location

Over 6 million people within a 1 hour drive
  • Dresden:.....50 km
  • Prague:.......80 km
  • Chemnitz:..120 km
  • Ústí n/L.:.......6 km
  • Teplice:.......18 km
  • Leipzig:......150 km
  • Berlin:........240 km (+2 hrs)
Location advantages
  • Located in the northwestern part of the Czech Republic – the Ústecký region
  • Three international airports within a two hour drive (Prague, Berlin, Dresden)
  • Adjacent to a major EU highway (E55 / D8 highway)
  • Close to major EU cities
  • Region promoted by the EU
  • International pre-schools and schools nearby
Nearest connected research institutions
  • Tudag, Fachgebiet Geotechnik / Dresden
  • ČVUT, VŠCHT, ČAV / Prague
  • Technische Universitat / Chemnitz
  • Technical University / Liberec
  • University of J. E. Purkyne / Ústí nad Labem

The Ústí region

The cradle of the Czech heavy industry

A region with a century-old tradition of industrial and agricultural production and trade which features a dense network of transport routes.

Among main industrial regions of the Czech Republic for decades: mechanical engineering, chemical, glass, automotive, food, mining and energy industry.

Home to the Jan Evangelista Purkyně University and and several other detached facilities of various Czech universities.

One of the many prominent natural attractions of the region is the 7,923-hectare large national park “Czech Switzerland”, which was established in 2000.


GPS: 50°43'48.526"N, 14°0'28.981"E
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