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What is Nupharo

About Nupharo

Nupharo is a kind of a technology park and an innovation center that features rental space for a diverse group of companies – from technological start-ups to the largest multinationals.

Nupharo is the first European business Incubator and innovation Campus dedicated to promotion of smart energy and innovative technologies.

Nupharo Park, Inc. is a member of the Science and Technology Parks Association CR (

Nupharo – your space for business science and life

A solid ground for every business

To take off properly, every business needs to be based on a solid ground.

Nupharo Campus is ready to help, providing up to 50,000 m2 of diversified rental space, including light production facilities, numerous offices, meeting rooms, a conference hall, a showroom, accommodation, a restaurant & a cafeteria, fitness facilities and a nursery.

What do we offer?

Nupharo offers a combination of key services, such as many promising and unique technologies, production facilities, an access to strategic investors, public and private funding, marketing, distribution and legislative support.

Nupharo has a devoted team with extensive experience in investments, academia, and business and public institutions.

Our vision

Nupharo is being built to contribute to the possible solutions of creating, storing and using energy in a smart way.

Our mission

Nupharo strives to create an entrepreneurial community in a green environment, where new ways of solving the society’s challenges with the focus on direct current smart energy technologies for both commercial uses and everyday lives.

Our concept

Our mission is to implement and to assist in the development of direct technology ideas into viable businesses that will help to reduce energy costs.

The first technological and innovative park which focuses on smart energy technologies and their implementation within the Czech Republic


The Incubator provides resources, facilities, and valuable business advising, which are all necessary for successfully entering the market.

Technology park

The technology park rents facilities and equipped offices to companies which explore clean energy.

Center for Transfer Technologies

Good ideas and passion are sometimes not enough to succeed on the market. That’s why we provide advising that is crucial in the early stages of business entity development.

Strategic Partner