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Nupharo representative on a Persian business venture adventure

A whole new world, a whole new market of almost 80 million Iranians, opens to businessmen (and women) from all over the globe. Delegations led by the highest representatives of various European and non-European states rotated in Teheran and other cities of the ancient Persia in order to secure a promising headstart for cooperation.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic brought with him about 60 business people and firms’ representatives. Besides several firms that used to collaborate with Iranian partners in long-term (or even still do), firms seeking to establish partnerships in Iran had also joined the expedition. Nupharo was among them.

“We left well-prepared with 6 pre-scheduled meetings. On top of that, during the many gatherings that were set by the chamber of commerce, 5 additional firms expressed interest in us,” shared Jana Ryšlinková, the founder of the Nupharo Technological-Innovative Park. “It was predominately smaller innovative firms that were interested in EU partners, whether for further development of their products, for which they needed European scientists and engineers, or for their self-realization within Europe. Furthermore, we also negotiated with potential investors and with two firms, which are interested in importing specific most-advanced technologies from the Czech Republic. We established a permanent representation of Nupharo within Teheran, which will serve to interconnect innovative firms from various technological parks with ours,” added Jana Ryšlinková.

Besides that, Nupharo will serve as an agency that will mediate the contact between the interested parties for import or export.

“The changing situation within Iran reminds me, in many ways, of the nineties within the Czech Republic. Among many things, it is very difficult to navigate within who is whom. For example, one lady, who had participated in the negotiations as an agency representative of a similar agency to the Czech Technological Agency Czech Republic (TAČR), was exposed for the crime of shaking a man’s hand… “ Jana Ryšlinková concluded.

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